Module for Sky Rendering : Sky Simul Weather

The Simul Weather Support in osgVisual is at the moment just a feasibility study.

How to compile Simul Weather for OpenSceneGraph (Windows)

Download the following components from the Simul Weather homepage:

  • Simul Weather SDK (1.9.0) as DLL build
  • Simul Weather OSG Example
  • Simul Weather help File (*.chm)

To have to install the SDK to any Directory, e.g. OSG_ROOT/SimulSDK Add an Env Var:


How to install the OSG integration:

  • Install the osgSimulWeather example/integration to the root folder of your OSG.
  • Go to OSG_ROOT/src/osgSimulWeather and open your VS solution
  • Build osgSimulWeather as Debug and as Release, link again the RElease or Debug *_MD.lib libraries

How to compile the osgSimulWeather example:

  • link only against the osgSimulWeather.lib / osgSimulWeatherd.lib
  • copy the Copy simuls shader/* directory in the applications working directory.
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