Module for Sky Rendering : Sky Silverlining




  • Download the Linux full source package from the link you obtained with you license code. You MUST build Silverlining yourself because the precompiled package does only contain 32 bit libraries
    wget http://...../SilverLining-SDK-FullSource.tgz
    tar -xvzf SilverLining-SDK-FullSource.tgz
    cd SilverLining-SDK-FullSource
    make -j8

Using Sky Silverlining in osgVisual

  • During CMAKE configuration process, enter the path to the Silverlining libraries in the appropriate variables.
  • Enter the Licensee and License code
  • Use ~/SilverLining?-SDK-FullSource/Public?\ Headers as public header directory.
  • Use ~/SilverLining?-SDK-FullSource?/lib/linux/libSilverLiningOpenGL.a as library for Debug and Release.
  • Voila! - Enjoy :)
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