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osgVisual configuration

To use osgVisual, you have to configure osgVisual according to your needs.

Basiccally, osgVisual provides two configuration mechanisms:

  • Via commandline parameters
  • Via configuration file

Configuration via parameters

osgVisual is build on top of OpenSceneGraph. The core module is osgViewer which provides all the background technolog< to render the scene graph on the screen. You can use all osg and osgVisuer related command line options by adding these options to osgVisual.

Configuration via configuration file

For all options which are not OSG but osgVisual related, the configuration mechanism is an XML configuration file. This file contains sections for each module to configure and for the scenery to display.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
  <module name="distortion" enabled="yes">
    <distortion channelname="center"></distortion>
  <module name="sky_silverlining" enabled="yes"></module>
    <terrain filename="d:\my\path\database.ive"></terrain>
    <animationpath filename="salzburgerEcke.path"></animationpath>
      <model filename="cessna" type="plain" label="TestText!" dynamic="yes">
        <position lat="47.12345" lon="11.234567" alt="1500.0"></position>
        <attitude rot_x="0.0" rot_y="0.0" rot_z="0.0"></attitude>
          <translation trans_x="0.0" trans_y="0.0" trans_z="0.0"></translation>
          <rotation rot_x="0.0" rot_y="0.0" rot_z="0.0"></rotation>
    <datetime day="01" month="02" year="2010" hour="23" minute="45"></datetime>
    <cloudlayer slot="1" type="cumulusCongestus" enabled="true" fadetime="15">
      <geometry baselength="50000" basewidth="50000" thickness="500" baseHeight="1700" density="0.3"></geometry>
      <precipitation rate_mmPerHour_rain="5.0" rate_mmPerHour_drySnow="7.0" rate_mmPerHour_wetSnow="10.0" rate_mmPerHour_sleet="0.0"></precipitation>
    <windlayer bottom="500.0" top="700." speed="25.0" direction="90.0"></windlayer>

=== Module configuration ===

=== Scenery configuration ===