First I'd like to thank Prof. Holzapfel of the Institute of Flight System Dynamics (TU München) for his belief in this project. Despite of the constant delay in development of osgVisual, he encourage me and funded it for several month.

Additionally I would like to mention my partner Ulrike, who exercise herself in patience while I'm mentally absent for another 2-3 hours after my regular job. Without her consideration, I would had to quit osgVisual month ago..
Thank you Uli! :)

Last but not least I'd like to thank Marius Heise, who taught me my first steps in OSG (as well as in 3D graphics at all!) and contributed lots of ideas to osgVisual.

April 1st 2010,



  • Marius Heise: Provided lot's of ideas, problem solutions and guidance, in particular at the beginning. Also contributed the Space Navigator (by 3DConnexion) implementation and some of the corresponding camera manipulators.
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