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Welcome to osgVisual Website

osgVisual is a C++ OpenGL toolkit which is based on OpenSceneGraph. It provides high level visualization functions for scientific visualization and vehicle simulators like flight simulators. It is primarily developed to act as visual system on the research flight simulator at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics, TU M√ľnchen, but can be used with minimal adaption in other visualisation purposes.
osgVisual provides high level control functions for atmosphere, weather, daylight, dynamic object and lots of other aspects. It's Interfaces for 2D and 3D drawing allow simple drawing of additional information into the scene or onto the screen. osgVisual supports multi channel on multi host projection and output distortion for projecting on curved screens.
Because osgVisual is developed with the OpenSceneGraph toolkit, the software can be easily extended or adapted with OpenGL or OpenSceneGraph code.


Latest Project News

osgVisual.png 16th April 2010
osgVisual 0.5 initial release
osgVisual is initially published in version 0.5. Many features are not finished, but to allow community participation in development it is published at this early stage.

osgVisual Notes