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osgVisual License

osgVisual is based on OpenSceneGraph and is licensed under OpenSceneGraph Public License (OSGPL) [1].

osgVisual is protected by Copyright, and is licensed as OpenSource, so the source code is freely available, modifiable and redistributed under the terms of the OpenSceneGraph Public License (OSGPL). The OpenSceneGraph Public License is based on the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) and includes the !wxWidgets additions to LGPL which provide a clear statement that distribution with proprietary applications is accepted.

osgVisual provides adaptor classes to closed source modules like:

  • Sky: Silverlining SDK by Sundog-Soft [2]
  • HID: Vista2D by Wetzel Technology [3]
  • extLink: VCL by Institute of Flight System Dynamics, TU München [4]

These adaptor classes are distributed under OSGPL.

To use these modules, it is additionally required to obtain the module software and a valid license from the manufacturer.