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You can download from svn:

svn co osgVisual


The most important dependency of osgVisual is OpenSceneGraph. You have to download and build it for x86, x64 or both (different checkout folder).
You can download it from SVN:

svn co OpenSceneGraph-2.9.8_x86
svn co OpenSceneGraph-2.9.8_x86

OSG itself uses a lot of third party libraries. You can download precompiled 3rdParty libraries for x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit): [99.1 MB]
This package includes:

  • zlib-1.2.3
  • png-1.2.39
  • pcre-7.6
  • minizip-1.2.3
  • libtiff-3.8.2
  • jpeg-7
  • glut-3.7.6
  • giflib-4.1.6
  • freetype-2.3.11
  • expat-2.0.1
  • curl-7.20
  • gdal-1.6.3
  • libiconv-1.9.1
  • gettext-0.13.1
  • libxml2_2.7.7
  • boost-1.43.0 (system, filesystem, datetime, regex, thread)
  • collada-dom-2.2 (1.4)

If you want to use another Windows Compiler, you can download the source package used to generate the precomiled 3rdParty package above. You can download it from: [85.5 MB]

Because osgVisual uses boost, some required boost libraries are included in the 3rdParty package. If you need the complete boost V1.43 framework, you can download it precompiled for x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit) from: [112 MB]

To use VirtualPlanetBuilder, you have to use GDAL. It is included in the 3rdParty package. If you need it standalone, you can download it precompiled:

Projection Designer

You can download Sources (VS2008 solution) from SVN:

svn co projDesigner

Precompiled Projection Designer binaries: [7.4 MB]