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3* linux: The initial window is to high and I cannot resize it vertically (and it
4  is the same under windows). Perhaps this would be due to a property of some
5  content of the right panel which forbids the window to be smaller (?).
7* linux: When maximise the window, the window is flickering, as if the system
8  was trying to draw the window from the top aligned with the top of the screen,
9  and the next image from the bottom aligned with the bottom of the screen.
10  - maximised_window__bottom_aligned.png : You can see the "Open Window" at the
11    bottom.
12  - maximised_window__top_aligned.png : You cannot see the "Open Window" at the
13    bottom anymore.
15* Internalisation : is there something to easily translate the soft?
17* linux: I got some strange things with the "-client" option. Perhaps something
18  due to a wrong management of UTF-8 with Qt. Sometimes the soft did not see the
19  "-" of "-client", so it didn't know that I gave it an option and failed to
20  launch the client app. Perhaps this is due to some treatment of the args in
21  the qt init, or in the glutInit (see CHANGES for the added glutInit call).
23* projdesigner/src/gui/QConnectionDialog.cpp is not used, and include a
24  non-existent header. I remove it?
26* linux: glrc: PBuffers are not supported yet.
28[n/m|p] :
29n is 'how the new fonctionnality, or the bug, is important'. 5 is an essential task. 0 is almost an option.
30m is 'how long is the development of the functionnality, or the correction of the bug'. 5 is a very long development (in weeks), whereas 0 is a very small development (one line of code to change for instance).
31p is n-m
32Tasks are sorted by p (and next by inverse n).
34Plugin Milestone:
35* [4/1|3] Remove the extra plugin from here and rename it RSA_projdesigner_plugin or something like this.
36* [5/2|3] Check that all modifications are taken into account by the slaves (in order to avoid the manual "remote synchro")
37          Note XBL: I need a remote config. This can come from Channel::updatePluginData that doen't call Channel::updateData. This happens if the is_equal_to is matching. If is_equal_to is buggy, the call will imply such behavior.
38                    This needs a bench, with debugs in different part: when grid.setup is over, when the signal is emitted, when it is catched by the connected channel, and when the DomElement is built and sent.
39* [3/1|2] Under windows, the lib directory is not a good idea. Something should be added to specify the plugin path.
40* [1/0|1] Rename DefaultPluginData in DefaultProjectorData
41* [2/1|1] Use some slots to connect the m_grid to the widgets.
42* [4/3|1] Use the arrows to control a "control point" and shift and control to increase/decrease the speed, and tab to change the point.
43* [5/4|1] The warp does not work under linux.
44          Note XBL: It works for me. It can come from a network issue or an extension issue... This needs some debug.
45* [5/4|1] The blend export doesn't work (careful, this is a linux port bug).
46          Note XBL: This should be fixed by the Toshiyuki's latest version.
47* [0/0|0] Check if the RTT work under windows (add it to the TODO list if not)
48* [1/1|0] Check box Fullscreen: not ok. It does something but not the good one. Need a Sync.
49* [2/2|0] There is a synchro problem when adding a grid (the grid is not added on clients).
50* [2/2|0] Create a plugin template which will not be in the ProjDesigner project.
51* [2/2|0] Add some validators in the plugins widgets
52* [3/3|0] Use the calibrate button to add a calibration plugin
53* [5/5|0] Add a contextual menu.
54* [0/1|-1] It will be nice, not to print "Default Plugin" when the plugin is alone... this is true for the distinction between Projector and Scene (since extraplugin doesn't implement any scene, the basicplugin's scene should not be annoted "Default Plugin", because they can not come from another plugin!).
55* [1/2|-1] Add a .projdesigner directory or something else (using QSettings) and store where are the plugins.
56* [1/2|-1] When a value is entered, and RETURN is pressed, the value should be selected, in order to be able to type another one immediatly.
57* [1/2|-1] In a line edit, CTRL+Z does not take modif into account, RETURN must be pressed.
58* [2/3|-1] The "Window" should be bigger. I can zoom but not move (add scrollbars?)
59* [0/2|-2] Add the Id property to each file managed (cpp/h)
60* [0/2|-2] FR: Detail esthetique : je peux afficher le widget du plugin par defaut dans le channelwidget lorsque tout le composant est disabled.
61* [0/2|-2] Add a right-click on the grids with [Edit|Delete|Clone|Up|Down].
62* [0/2|-2] Add a right-click on the '-' button of the grids with [Remove selected|Remove all]
63* [0/2|-2] Add the full name of a recent file in the ToolTip of the 'file' menu
64* [1/3|-2] Split interfaces.h in interfaces.h, PluginInterface.h and SceneInterface.h.
65* [1/3|-2] Intercept when the user changes the projector or the scene, ask the plugin if the projector or the scene is the default one and warn the user if there is a risk to loose some contents.
66* [1/3|-2] Use app.arguments() to get arguments and uses POPT to deal with them. Be careful to the compatibility.
67* [0/3|-3] It would be great to have an incremental autosave.
68* [0/4|-4] Add the possibility to combine the scenes, with the same kind of control than the channel manager. A kind of scene manager. Perhaps is it not possible (because of the "Scene Viewer")
69* [0/5|-5] Some ZFighting seems to be observed with the glm renderer.
70* [x/x|x] Before release the milestone: Check compatibility
71* [x/x|x] Before release the milestone: Check save/load operations
72* [x/x|x] Before release the milestone: Check import operations
73* [x/x|x] Before release the milestone: Check MEMORY MANAGEMENT
74* [x/x|x] Check that the plugin version is working through the network.
76Fisheye Milestone:
77* [5/3|2] Add the fisheye plugin.
79Warp edition
80* [x/x|x] Add the CTRL+Z management
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